Why RTA Cabinets are So Popular

Ready-to-assemble or RTA cabinets have been recently on spotlight with the increase in popularity of budget kitchen remodeling. With more and more homeowners feeling the urge to beautify and up the ante of functionality in the kitchen but with less money to spend, these units are becoming the most viable option for them. So if you are in the market to buy your New York home a new set of cabinetry, then RTA cabinets is an option worth looking into. This article lays out the reasons why they are so popular and ideal whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, or Staten Island.

To start, RTA cabinets are units that are bought flat-packed with all the necessary cabinet parts cut to fit and drilled at areas where hardware and accents, which also come complete with the package, are attached. Though these type of kitchen cabinets are already in the market for many years, it is just now that their popularity has soared. Here are several benefits that made these kitchen commodities as hot as they are:


With the recent economic turmoil, more and more homeowners are becoming more conscious on how they spend their hard-earned money. Compared to pre-assembled or traditional options, RTA cabinets are less expensive making them the more economical choice. They come in a full spectrum of price ranges that differ with design and materials that they are built from. Coming ready to assemble, you would not need special tools nor skills to put the units together. And with this small amount of work you do on your own assembling everything, you get yourself a considerable cutback on labor costs and the overall remodeling expenses.


The great thing about buying now is that manufacturers have become keen on the needs of consumers, thus you can avail of RTA cabinets that are as beautiful and durable as their traditional counterparts. Due to high demand, these can now be bought in the most luxurious hardwood with choices ranging from the most loved oak, maple, cherry and other woods that come in the most delightful glaze and finishes to suit your kitchen d├ęcor. They are as durable as any showroom cabinet pieces available in the market, being made from quality materials and hardware and engineered by qualified craftsmen. So if you want to integrate quality into your kitchen, then RTA cabinets are the stylish way to go without straining your budget.


Another factor that makes RTA cabinets appealing is the time it takes for shipment to arrive. As these are bought flat-packed, they are easier and cheaper to transport, occupying lesser space than pre-assembled units. For this same reason, they are easier to store, making them almost always readily available in your local home improvement store or in the warehouse of the online shop you have chosen for your supplier. But even if the product set that you like is not on-hand, it would take no more than two to three weeks for your RTA cabinets to be delivered to your home, with the pre-assembled types taking about eight weeks.

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